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Default Re: How long before the fan community turns on the Nolan films?

Originally Posted by DoomsdayApex View Post
Oh, definitely. If Raimi's Spiderman, Donner's Superman, Burton's Batman and Singer's X-Men franchises weren't safe from the ugly turn, then no franchise is safe. Whedon's The Avengers is absolutely gonna receive backlash a decade from now. The sequel is going to garner a more polarizing reaction from fans.
I actually think the sequel is going to be better, which is going to make the first one more susceptible to criticism people don't want to hear right now. A good number of fans got tired of hearing how great TDK was for 4 years straight, they were waiting to hold something, anything, else up and say "Look! this is good too."

Originally Posted by kvz5 View Post
Hmmm... I think the TA backlash will happen at the 3rd one rather than the 2nd one.
Definitely going to be the sequel, which is still a good ways off. Primarily because it's going to start influencing other superhero films much like TDK did. Instead of trying to shove dark and gritty themes into characters it doesn't belong, everything's going to start being too light, with jokes that don't work and goofy interactions that fall flat. Plus, I think the sequel will just be better in it's own regard.

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