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Default Re: How long before the fan community turns on the Nolan films?

Originally Posted by Majik1387 View Post
Considering not everyone loves the Nolan films, it's not going to be a turn against his films, just people drinking the Nolan koolaid will realize not everyone liked his Batman.
All i know is the entire Internet was "drinking the koolaide" in 2005 after eight years of absence following the heartbreaking "film" that was Batman & Robin. Then in 2008, TDK became the highest grossing film of the decade (before Avatar) and second highest grossing of all time. Again, people were pretty into it and not just Nolanites and Nolan fanboys.

But soon, it's going to be "Nolan didn't have a Lazirus Pit/venom for Bane/permaskin/whatever...." and that is all fans on the Internet will say about his movies. How this, that, and this were wrong and ruined the character.

A storm is indeed coming.

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