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Default Re: Unintentionally Funny Moments in The Dark Knight Rises

You've all covered most of the good scenes already but I have to echo how laughable Talia's death was.

A few more:

  • At some point in the last 30 - 40 minutes of the movie (can't remember when/where exactly) Batman enters a room where an armed goon is guarding Talia. The guy immediately charges Batman with his arm extended and pistol aimed right at his face, only to be knocked down effortlessly an instant later. This got spittle-through-pursed-lips laughter out of me. It's as if he traded weapons with Talia at some point and completely forgot.
  • Selina's reaction right after Batman says, "this isn't a car." Honestly if Batman slapped her ass for a job well done right after the preceding fight, that's the expression she'd have.
  • The cop getting his hat blown off as the Bat makes its first appearance.
  • Not really laugh out loud funny, but the word "heist" is misspelled in a newspaper headline when Bruce is looking up Selina's criminal history. Interesting how that snuck by right under Nolan's nose given his movie tastes!

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