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Default Re: How long did Nolans Batman actually fight crime?(SPOILERS)

Originally Posted by weezerspider View Post
Nope. He wasn't Batman for the 8 years because Gotham didn't need Batman. TDKR makes it pretty clear the Dent Act pretty much washed Gotham clean and negating the need of Batman. It also makes it clear Bruce would have gone out there IF Batman was needed. Evidence from the film showing Bruce would become Batman IF he was needed:

1. First scene in the Batcave- Alfred is surprised to see Bruce in the cave, saying that it has been a long time since he's been there. Evidence that his confrontation with Selina started to push him towards re-dawning the cape.

2. First scene with Blake and Gordon- Blake tells Gordon about the missing person to which Gordon replies "Thats a job for the police". Blake responds "When you cleaned the streets up, you cleaned them up good. Pretty soon we'll be going after over-due library books". This shows that the Dent Act negated the need for Batman and Bruce quit because Gotham didn't NEED him. Gordon didn't even feel the police were that needed. Once the big hostage situation went down at Wall Street, Bruce would have seen he is needed again and taken on the cowl. This is even told in….

3. Alfred's first speech to Bruce- Alfred tells Bruce that he's not living, he's just waiting, waiting for things to go bad again. He's simply waiting until Gotham needs Batman again. More evidence that once the Wall Street thing happened, Bruce would once again become Batman.

People seem to mis-translate the eight years thing. Bruce didn't just quit. He quit because Batman was no longer needed. The Dent Act wiped Gotham clean. As I've shown, the film continually hints that Bruce would go back out there if/when Gotham needed Batman again. Also, The Wall Street incident was the first major act of crime in Gotham since the night Dent died. Batman was needed for 8 years.
All that is well and good... despite that I still don't like the implication that he was waiting for something "major" to happen since a "petty" crime is what took his parents' life...It just comes off as odd that Bruce would only react to a major threat on the city as opposed to all threats...His lack of awareness of the disenfranchised orphans shows a lack of awareness, odd given that he was looking for an excuse to be Batman...

I guess its my fault for having expectations of the Nolan Batman to be similar to those of the Batman from the comics...

If anything Nolans Batman is more like Dark Warrior Duck....yeah I went there..

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