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Default Re: How long before the fan community turns on the Nolan films?

There are certain circles within the fanboy community that are notorious neophytes. If it's new and shiny, it's better, and the old all of a sudden was never that great anyway. There are also those who hate things that become too popular and acclaimed within the mainstream, citing their distaste for it as evidence of their more palette being more refined than the masses, perhaps with a claim to being a "true fan" thrown in too.

But there are also those who just don't like the films. No film is universally beloved, and as baffling as it might be to those of us who love Nolan's trilogy, the fact is it just left others cold. No ulterior motive, just their opinion.

As much as I adore Nolan's Batman trilogy (The Dark Knight is my favourite film) I can see it being quite easy for it to be toppled in the eyes of certain parts of the fan community. Nolan's focus was on making films that could be considered great films by any margin, rather than just great comic book films. But some fans just want a comic film. If you get a director willing to put in lots of fan service - scenes and images lifted right out of the comics, DCU Easter eggs, a post-credit sequence setting up a Justice League film - and have comics accurate costumes, like Batman in a gray spandex suit and white-skinned Joker - then many will be quick to hail the new franchise as definitive, even if the story, direction and acting pales in comparison to Nolan's films.

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