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Default Re: How long did Nolans Batman actually fight crime?(SPOILERS)

Back before TDK came out, it was confirmed there was an 8-month gap between the two films. I thought this was common knowledge by now. I think it was on one of the viral websites.

Also, as far as I know, Batman Begins takes place over the course of a few months, same with TDK. So when Joker says "a year ago these cops and lawyers wouldn't dare cross any of you" makes sense because that would have been right before Batman showed up.

And we know the prologue of TDK is July 18th, 2008

Wind that back 8 months, the end of Batman Begins is November of 2007. If the film does take place over the course of some time, it has to have been after April (looking at the trees). So, Batman Begins must have taken place sometime between April and November of 2007, with it ending in November.

TDK must have ended before November (again, looking at the trees). So 8 years later (excluding the Prologue for TDKR which clearly takes place in the Summer), we're looking at October of 2016. So add in the 5 months for the bomb to decay, and we're looking at March of 2017 (snow is beginning to melt too).

Now the end sequence, everything starts to go green, spring/summer of 2017.

With all that in mind, he was only really active for about two years (compressing all his time in the suit), but that's two years spread across a lot of time. 2007/2008 & 2016/2017

That's not an official timeline, just how I've been able to make sense of it all.

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