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Default Re: How long did Nolans Batman actually fight crime?(SPOILERS)

Originally Posted by MagnarTheGreat View Post
He comes back Gotham at age 29 and creates Batman, fights Ra's on his 30th birthday, and then he takes the fall for Dent's crimes and disappears (presumably) less than a year later. In TDKR, that was the last known sighting until he returns 8 years later for a short period of time and then fakes his death.

Anyway, Nolan's Batman is a deconstruction of the idea of Batman. It's a disease Bruce Wayne had to be cured of in his point of view in order to move on with his life, and it was better for an ex-cop that wasn't driven by the same things as Bruce to presumably take over his job. And of course, in order for Bruce Wayne to move on with his life, he had to fake his death and exile himself from Gotham entirely--which is what Alfred wanted. Not too happy with this or the logic behind some of it, but there it is.
I agree with your latter points completely. Batman was always in this series just a guise that Bruce had to use in order to achieve his objective of cleaning up Gotham. But it was always Bruce who was fighting crime and not Batman. Nolan was more interested in Bruce Wayne than his superhero alter-ego Batman. Someone wrote some time ago that Nolan prefers heroes with faces, everyday people who do heroic things, and had a dislike for superheroes and their trappings. I would tend to agree with that completely.

Just look at TDK and TDKR, Nolan spends alot of screen time in both focusing on everyday heroes in Dent and then Blake. I would say in the case of both films that they are as much Dent's and Blake's film as they are Batman/Bruce Wayne's. Which I understand in some ways as Nolan was working to transition the protection of Gotham from Batman back to the people of Gotham, in the form of an exceptional everyman. But at the same time, I am kind of troubled that Batman is getting second billing in his own film.

Now I love TDK and BB. Both are excellent films. But at the same time having seen TDKR it is so obvious to me that Nolan never really was all that interested in Batman as a character. He loves Bruce Wayne, but feels Batman is only a means to an end. If that makes sense.

I have to admit that I was disappointed that Batman was out of service for that entire 8 years. I was always of the opinion that Batman should have been out there for a year or two after the events of TDK, continuing to fight crime while being a wanted man. Then at some point after the Dent Act takes effect and starts working, he slowly recedes into the shadows.

In the end, it is Nolan's series to do what he wishes. I just would have liked Nolan to have his Bruce struggle to let go of Batman and have Batman be as important of a character as Bruce.

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