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Default Re: How long before the fan community turns on the Nolan films?

Originally Posted by BattleCat View Post
Nolan better batten down the hatches.

Actually, Nolan will be fine. By the time the reboot rolls around hopefully he'll have another masterpiece or two out and knows that the GA and critics will hold his still as the benchmark. And I still have the naive hope that TDKR gets a token BP nomination, if for nothing more than a make-up for missing TDK, and thereby can say he has the only superhero movie nominated for BP. I think TDK will always b an undisputed classic and therefore will keep BB and TDKR held up as part of a classic trilogy for those who love great movies, as opposed to just how they are related to comic books.

But fans who love this movie on this site? We better batten down the hatches.

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