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Default Re: Disney/Marvel & ABC working on Avengers spin-off tv show?

Originally Posted by AvengeME View Post
Because it is TV. Can't compare the two mediums. Just make a good drama and people will watch regardless. Besides, look at how TV shows come and go. Before you blink an eye, a show gets taken off the air in season. You want that treatment for Marvel characters you actually care about?

Again, I am all for a SHIELD show. Maybe guest appearances by Cobie Smulders and SLJ himself if the show takes off. But you can't feature major heroes and expect it to work. As far as the Luke Cages and Moon Knights, if Marvel doesn't want to treat them seriously, water them down in a cliched TV concept/format. I just wouldn't launch those characters from that platform at the beginning. At least dabble in a low-mid budget project and aim for something higher.
That's why I said don't go with A-list or B-list heroes. Or villains. C-list or below is fine.

But the point is: it's a Marvel movie. About the Marvel universe. If you advertise the superhero genre and then *don't* give the audience superheroes, it's like advertising a romance show where nobody falls in love, a murder mystery show where nobody dies, or a comedy where nobody says anything funny. (Insert your favorite failed comedy show joke here.)

As for whether or not the heroes find an audience or not, or whether the show lasts a lifetime or less than half a season: what's it gonna hurt? It's not like there's going to be some statute of limitations imposed on any character(s) that fail. If Luke Cage, for instance, bombs as a TV show, there's no reason at all to assume you can't then try to use the character in the movies instead.

And I like the idea of using Blade, per the post above. He was given a TV show on Spike back in '06 that was poorly received, yeah, but also poorly conceived. I think you could use the SHIELD recruit-a-hero format and start with a bang, featuring a character in the pilot who's recognizable to fanboys and general audiences alike. Have them recruit Blade in the first episode, and here....we.....GO


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