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Default Re: How long before the fan community turns on the Nolan films?

Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
Honestly...I'm not even phased by this if it happens.

Nolan's legacy will stay in tact for the most part. The only people who'd have a problem with bashers are Nolan fans...and some of those fans were the same people who were all too eager to bash the Burton films, as anyone who was around in 2005-2008 can attest to.

Not only that, as much as I like the Nolan franchise, he is not the end all be all. For example, I've still yet to see Bruce Wayne truly reach his onscreen potential, as much as I love Michael Keaton and Christian Bale.
I used to get annoyed by this. Like when it happened to Burton or Raimi. But I've either just grown used to it or am so satisfied with the Nolan movies, I don't care. This thread is more just predicting the future for posterity's sake.

As for getting Bruce Wayne right. I personally love Bale's performance in every way save the voice. But after three films, I've learned to accept it. When I just the intensity he displays behind the mask and the way he moves and acts, he really did feel like the Bruce/Batman I always wanted (in the first two anyway. Nolan takes him on a journey in the third into uncharted territory and i love that too).

But I see your point.

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