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Default Re: How long did Nolans Batman actually fight crime?(SPOILERS)

Originally Posted by Broker View Post
Of course he was a war hero.

Gordon, operating the Tumbler, was instrumental in saving the whole of Gotham and it's inhabitants from Ra's who was hell-bent on destroying the City with his microwave emitter.

In the year between BB and TDK both Gordon and Batman worked together to wage a two man war against serious organised crime in Gotham, specifically the Mob, and were successful.

He saved Gotham from a maniac and then eradicated serious crime, what more of a war do you want him to fight? LOL.
Erm, you make it sound as though this was all out in the open...common knowledge as it were. Gordon working with Batman was only known between three people. Him operating the Tumbler was not a public act of heroism. No-one would know this. Hence it being illogical to be referred to as a war hero.

However, I would concede that Foley could be referring to the cleaning up of the streets. But in that case to call him a war hero is exaggeration, and I still think it makes sense for there to have been a large outburst after Dent's death, and then all those prisoners put into Blackgate(not without a fight). Batman most likely would have been active for the aftermath, if we're being logical. He just had to do it from the shadows...hence last confirmed sighting. This is my speculation though and of course you're version works aswell.

And as has been pointed out, Bruce has been in the Bat-cave because Alfred references it. How or why would he have done that, or even built the thing if he retires on the night Dent died. It makes sense for him to have been active in some capacity for a year, perhaps two, before realising the city didn't need a Batman anymore.

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