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Default Re: How long before the fan community turns on the Nolan films?

I don´t see so much as a turn as what we always see, the usual same people trying to tell themselves that people are "opening their eyes" and "finally realizing they´re not that great" that you see to every other critically-praised, popular superhero movies, and that, almost always, are nothing but the same people posting their complaints over and over again, the same people who were already complaining before they saw a single second of footage of any of the movies.

The closest thing to an actual turn I´ve seen was on Sam Raimi, but it happened mostly because of the third movie´s negative reception, which for these people became their "vindication", as well liked as the first two movies still actually are, when you look at the majority of fans and critics.

Also some people - again, the same usual ones - tried to completely dismiss Bryan Singer´s work out of not liking SR, even though his first two X-Men are still very much appreciated, and his work producing XMFC became testimony to that.


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