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Default Re: How long before the fan community turns on the Nolan films?

Originally Posted by VM1138 View Post
The contrarian culture we have means it's already happening.

Dane Cook did a skit where he basically said people should have realized in the first 25 minutes that TDKR was garbage. Yeah, it's a joke, but seriously? I know some people prefer TDK or BB, but objectively I see no way that TDKR could be a BAD movie. Not to mention people love it and it's making tons of cash.

It's our modern culture. With media 24/7 people get attention by trashing anything popular. It happened with Avengers. It happened with Avatar. Even TDK had some people who bashed it, and they will only get louder as the years go on. Even The Godfather has bashers.

I think it's pretty fair to say that, like them or not, The Dark Knight Trilogy was remarkably consistent in quality. Nolan himself, getting so popular, naturally is developing an anti-Nolan crowd. Everything that goes up must come down.

But whatever they say, I look around at everyone I know and they all (with the exception of maybe two people) love the entire trilogy and loved TDKR. And that's a wide variety of people. And I look at how TDK impacted culture, and the hype around TDKR and it's hard to argue that the TDK trilogy was not a major cinematic accomplishment in popularity and critical acclaim.
Yeah, it´s the troll culture. People always get more attention to their blogs, board messages, etc., by trashing something popular and beloved. Some people here do absolutely nothing but that, which makes it hard to even take their remarks seriously, cuz there´s clearly an agenda to it. They give often downright embarrassing remarks and any good points get buried under them. One of the current internet obsessions is to poke holes in movie´s plots no matter what, often things that are actually pretty clearly explained.


"Sometimes, people deserve more. Sometimes, they deserve to have their faith rewarded." So, thank you for rewarding mine, Mr. Nolan.

This article should be mandatory reading before people argue about movies on the internet:

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