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Default Re: Changing the roster for Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
Hulk can leave the team, maybe Hawkeye and Black Widow can leave the team too.
Considering that Hulk stole the show in [I]The Avengers[I/], I honestly dont see that happening. Hawkeye and Black Widow could leave too. But with Scarlett getting paid tons for Avengers 2, I think its obvious that she's sticking around. I would still want Hawkeye around just because I think he needs more development.

Here's my dream team for Avengers 2:

Captain America-Iron Man-Thor-Hulk-Black Widow-Ms. Marvel/Hawkeye-Ant-Man

Hawkeye sticks around if Thanos isnt the villian for Avengers 2. If he is I would replace him with Ms. Marvel (Plus the Team really needs another female).

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