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Default Re: How long before the fan community turns on the Nolan films?

To answer your question TC, the fan boy community will start bashing the Nolan Bat films as soon as the new reboot is on the horizon. Some people are true Nolan fans ( like myself) but others are simply bandwagon fans and will ditch Nolan's films with a drop of a hat. It's just how fanboys are..

A good example would be Sam Rami and his Spidey films. During Spider Man 2's glory days, Rami could do no wrong, then Spider Man 3 happened and haters and fanboys quickly turned on. Luckily, TDKR ended up being good so the same fate didn't happen to Nolan.

Actually, there are some Nolan haters around now but their numbers are low so they aren't making much noise yet.

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