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Default Re: How long did Nolans Batman actually fight crime?(SPOILERS)

I take it that there's a year at most from the time Batman first appears to the time The Dark Knight begins. Batman Begins only seems to span a couple of weeks or so, and The Dark Knight maybe a couple months. I'm guessing, as I've never noticed or sought out the specifics. I don't particularly care about how long Bruce acts as Batman - someone employed the quote, "It's not the years, honey, it's the mileage," which is not only a great line and reference, but a great, succinct summation of it.

I do care about when Bruce stopped acting as Batman after the end of TDK, though. Now, the film clearly implies that Bruce did not act as Batman after Dent died. I'm one of those people clinging to that "confirmed" because I can't make sense of some things or can't deal with some things (and I'm pretty sure that word "confirmed" is in there partly so that we can do some theorizing, because if Nolan was super-committed to saying Dent's last night was also Batman's last night for eight years, he wouldn't have let the phrase "confirmed sighting" stay through draft after draft). I complained about it on the thread about the eight-year gap idea, but let me explain my issues here:

1) It seems awfully out of character for him to promptly hang up the cape and cowl after the night of Dent's death, his crimes, and agreeing to take the fall for those crimes. He can take it...and then he decides he can't? Or does he just decide not to?

2) As has already been pointed out, well, at length, the Dent Act couldn't possibly have gone into effect quickly - not in this universe. If this were the form of reality presented in the Burton or Schumacher movies, I'd go with that, but it's not. And if Batman retired long before the Dent Act was enacted, then I have to go back to the "feels out of character" argument. I'd like to know how long after Dent's death the Dent Act was created, passed, what have you.

3) This one is much smaller, but I too have to ask: Why complete the Batcave if it's not going to be used? Now, one could argue that Alfred's, "You haven't been down here in a long time," line does make sense if he and Bruce were building it before/up to the creation of the Dent Act, but afterward it was never properly used. I don't know if that entirely works, but the question of, "Why is the Batcave complete if he retired right after Harvey died?" is not the biggest of these.

4) It nags at me that I can't even imagine this Batman and this Joker encountering each other again after the events of TDK. As I've said before, I know that the, "I think you and I are destined to do this forever," line was more a nod to that eternal battle that we know so well from the overall Batman mythology than an atual promise for this Batman-Joker, but with Batman swiftly retiring after Harvey's downfall and death, I can't even imagine that they even encountered each other again. Again, this is a minor quibble, but still.

The intent is clearly to say that Bruce/Batman has been out of action for eight years. Not five, not seven, eight. That seems - and these are probably weird ways to put it - too easy or simple, though. That he would stop right after the events of the TDK finale, that no major crimes would occur in the intervening eight years, that the Dent Act would come about and do its job so quickly...I have a hard time buying in to all of this. So even though it's kind of against what's onscreen, I have to cling to that word "confirmed" and try to believe that Batman did his thing for a while - I'm like to think a year or so - after the end of TDK, but with the utmost care and secrecy, only even contacting Gordon once or twice. That has to mean there were no more "freak villains" on the level of The Joker, because if there were, there would also have to be confirmed sightings of Batman, right? Other people above me have made these points more eloquently, and other people below me probably will too, but there are my thoughts.

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