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Default Re: Characters you'd like to see in future Avengers movies?

Hes a kid-friendly version of the hulk. what does popularity have to do with it? wasnt arguing that.

My point was that the Hulk will indeed be a loose cannon in ALL the movies he is featured in. This doesnt mean he will constantly run amok, only that the FEAR that he MIGHT run amok will always be there.

And since he already did run amok in TA, we know for a fact that it does translate well to live action. Why wouldnt it? He's done so in every movie so far and will continue to do so in the upcoming tv show and future films.

"green rage monsters" tend to do that. And a few minutes of this won't "get old" with years in between each movie.

sorry but none of your points make much sense, plus you ignore recent history. best to just drop it.

Hulk is a loose cannon. Always has been, always will be. If you dont like this, just stick to the kiddie versions.

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