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Default Re: Changing the roster for Avengers 2?

This isn't a comic book or graphic novel series. it's a film series. Those are two completely different things. You have to keep the core group together. You can add a couple in, but you can't take away from the originals or their impact to the series.

Your Core Group:
Captain America
Iron Man

Secondary SHIELD Agents:
Black Widow
Falcon (most likely because of CA:TWS)

Tertiary Support Characters as "Part of the Team":
Hank Pym (Primarily as a SHIELD scientist/researcher, NOT always as Ant Man/Giant Man/Yellow Jacket)
Janet Pym (Primarily as a SHIELD scientist/researcher, NOT always as Wasp)
Black Panther (Only in a story line that involves Wakanda, NOT a "member" of the team)

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