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Default Re: Who was your FAVORITE Couple within the Series?

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
A part of me is saying that I shouldn't be surprised if/when the Selina/Bruce option I got to admit, that aside from the whole stabbing in the stomach alone it being an facade..for the way that it was presented in the first half, I didn't mind Bruce and
I felt the romance between Bruce and Miranda before she revealed herself to be Thalia was very rushed. He had turn her down so many times before, and then just after the board meetting? She goes as far as screwing him, lol. I guess it made sense though once the twist came.

I didn't really mind Bruce and Rachel (Katie Holmes was a bit miscast though) at all really, and liked that they had known each other since childhood and fell in love somewhere in those years. But, i'll definitely go with Bruce and Selina. They're both a bit similar in personailty, understand each other, and Bruce dosen't have to worry as much if she got in a fight or attacked by thugs as he would of with Rachel, lol. It was too bad we couldn't get even more scenes with them, the relationship was very entertaining and the chemistry between Bale and Hathaway really surprised me. What we got was great though, and the dance scene had some great dialgoue.

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