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Default Re: Grant Morrison's Action Comics

Originally Posted by Cain View Post
Issue 3 disappointed me. It's the first time in a while I've disliked Morrison's writing. I get he was trying to compress a lot of things but it had no breathing room to have any impact.

Just felt like a bunch of WTFness being shot at the reader all at once (Ie: krypto ghost?!? really? then no follow up). Morales also wasn't too hot this issue; a lot of the pencils looked rushed like they could've used extra finesse. However the first 2 issues were the bee's knees and totally wiping out the Superman I grew up with (post-crisis) out of the new continuity was worth it cause of those books if you ask me.
well Krypto's Ghost was explained in #5 that he was stuck in the Phantom Zone as well as the fact that the Solict for #13 says he will reappear is a nice follow-up to me. I like #3 because it showed more of Clark Kent outside of Superman, Krypton scenes showing the threat of The Collector/Brainiac as well as Metallo, More of how the Public veiw Superman and some of the ramifications of #1. Yeah some scenes felt cut together and was the only bad part but it had scenes like Superman saving the cat and stopping the truck from hitting the little gun at the same time only for people to chase him away showcasing while he is helping people and stopping criminals he still has some way to go turn from Superpowered vigilante/outlaw to World's greatest hero which is awesome.

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