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Default Re: Changing the roster for Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by TheSpartanX54
Considering that Hulk stole the show in The Avengers, I honestly don't see that happening. Hawkeye and Black Widow could leave too. But with Scarlett getting paid tons for Avengers 2, I think it's obvious that she's sticking around. I would still want Hawkeye around just because I think he needs more development.
The other thing you could do is just make a Black Widow and Hawkeye film and make it a spy movie. SHIELD would have to to be a factor in the film though. They'd need some type of handler for gadgets, and it can't be the other Avengers because they'd steal the show.

Put the black costume in Amazing Spider-Man 3, use the crashed space shuttle for its origin. Introduce Jensen Ackles as Brock, the climax will have Spider-Man lose the symbiote in the tower, then post-credits we see Brock as Venom.
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