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Default Re: Dew gotham city badges


Don't give up yet. There are definitely some issues with the site. I've contacted support on a few occassions through the contact us form (without reponse) and the 800 number in the FAQ.

I've reported an issue with the Tumbler Designer module crashing IE as well as asking for information on adding facebook friends to the Friends Leaderboard (which I still haven't been able to do).

I'm not sure what else on the site I have not interacted with that might unlock the DEWMASTER and RULE THE STREETS Badges that no one else seems to know how to unlock. These might just be time/date sensitive and they haven't added the necessary links yet (by plan/design?).

Frustrating for me is, even though I've explored the Bat Cave extensively, I haven't yet unlocked the BAT SWARM Badge. It's possible that one was time/date sensitive too and I just didn't register early enough.

If anyone wants to try to add me to their Friends Leader board, please send me a Private Message.


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