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Default Re: Actors from original trilogy on First Class sequel with Days of Future Past

They are going to use original film actors.Plus Imagen the shock of seeing them killed by Sentinles onscreen.Imagne after being free of collor Magneto sacirfices himself using powers against army of sentinles while others ecape.And assuming Wolverine Isn't the time traveler seeing him In action against Sentinles ending with him being vaporized.

On another board a poster suggested wolverine,Kitty,and CGI Iceman In Iceform and CGI Collossus In full metal form(Like In X2 and not cheap one from Last Stand) as returing characters.And suggested Kitty going back In time with Bishop.Of course who knows If they could get Ellen Page Back.And the have to have Patrick Stewart and Ian
Mckellan In film.They need to have a couple of characters In both time frames.

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