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Default Re: Who was your FAVORITE Couple within the Series?

Originally Posted by pixiesvision View Post
It was over the top, IMO. Especially on Pfeiffer's part.
But I view the Bat/Cat, Bruce/Selina relationship to be more complex than being sexually charged and driven by attraction. There's a moral grey line of whether they should even be in each others company as well as attraction, admiration, curiosity, and some disdain that I think Nolan managed to capture with his version. Don't get me wrong, I would have liked more scenes between them, but I liked what he delivered.
I liked the moral stuff in Nolan's version, but it didn't really connect with the romance aspect. There was barely any romance between them in TDKR. I'm not saying that's a bad thing per say, but if they want to hint at Bruce ending up with her, the audience needs to believe it.

The funny thing is Chris did a much better job with making us believe that Cobb and Mal cared for each other in Inception.

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