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Default Re: Who was your FAVORITE Couple within the Series?

Originally Posted by CJ View Post
Selina Kyle is winning?

I'll take Rachel Dawes over her anyday. Rachel taught Bruce the difference between justice and revenge, he longed to be with her since childhood, she was the one hope he had past Batman, her death shook him to the core, changing him into a recluse, and the two characters had two whole movies to develop a believable relationship together, where we, the viewer, became invested in the two and wanted to see them together.

Selina was just some tart in a tight suit, who stole his dead mother's jewelry, despised him entirely, left Bruce to die at the hands of Bane, hardly shared any scenes with him, and despite all of this, for some reason, at the end of the movie she asks him to "runaway with her" and in the end, we're led to believe they get married and live happily ever after. (There's something to add to the "Unintentionally funny Moments" thread..)

Bruce/Rachel FTW.
Rachel had more development per se, but there was never any chemistry in their writing. The only time I felt they enjoyed each other's company in two films was when they were children and when Bruce first sees Rachel when he comes home from college. The rest of BB she is lecturing him about either being a failure to his father's legacy or about how he is shallow or finally about how they can't be together because he's Batman. In the second movie, while much better acted, she has real chemistry and sparks with Harvey Dent. With Bruce? It feels like she's spending the whole movie trying to figure out how to let him down as gently as possible that she moved on. Bruce obsessed over her because in some way's he has a very boyish view of the world and put her on a pedestal like she was his destiny, but as Alfred has to finally tell him in TDKR....she wasn't.

Plus, I think people like Selina better because she was fun. While I don't think they earned a "settling down" happily ever after in the movie, they had real chemistry and were very entertaining to watch. She made Bruce have fun and therefore the audience. By contrast, Rachel just made Bruce feel burdened and guilty. That's why Selina in the end was a better pairing for him. At least to date and have a real relationship with away from the cape and cowl.

Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
The BR relationship is still tops. You actually felt that Keaton/Pfeiffer COULD end up in a cafe together one day.
I disagree. I'm not saying one relationship is better than the other. But Bruce and Selina in BR were always a doomed romance. She could never be with him at a cafe because it isn't true to her own self. She says as much when she scratches his face. They're both much too damaged for a happy ending and must accept dying alone. That was the ending of the movie and why Burton got fired.

As I said, I can see Nolan's Bruce and Selina who have such chemistry and mutual attraction/admiration, giving it a shot. Getting to the point of wearing his mother's pearls? I will take Nolan at his word, but they must have really hit it off well when they went to Europe after the finale of the movie.

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