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Default Re: Will the Red Skull Return?

Originally Posted by crounsa810 View Post
I'm thinking Red Skull is currently chilling out with
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Thanos and "The Other ahemahemAnnihilusahem"

Think about it, his thing in CA was how he was a God, and how he left mortal men behind, what better way to bring him back than for him to be a slave to an actual immortal being, with true unlimited power. I think it would be awesome. I can see it in my head
Is that kind of thing in tune with Red Skull's character, where he's a slave to an immortal being? I can't imagine him being someone else's pawn, no matter how powerful that someone is. He's already viewed as kind of weak from CA:TFA--I would think he deserves some redemption as one of the premier villains in the Marvel U.

That said, the idea makes sense.

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