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Default Re: Actors from original trilogy on First Class sequel with Days of Future Past

Bring back Jackman and Halle if they want that star power again. They will overshadow everyone again, but it is going to bring in the masses with those two stars coming back. You don't have to use them in the same scenes. Storm stays in the future with Collosus/Angel, Jackman and Page go back.

It's pretty unlikely they are bringing everybody from the OT back. But Wolverine is a must for this type of story. I don't want Wolverine 3, and Jackman's last movie needs to be big.

I would go 1960's. JFK assasination. Soviet Weapons X equivalent with Omega Red. And a top secret collaboration between the Soviets and Americans on a joint Sentinel project. Jackman and Page go back with maybe a time traveling mutant like Cable.

Future, go with an older Bolivar Trask or Graydon Creed as a top power broker who funds the primary Sentinel project. Mutant rebellion would be led by Storm and an older Gambit. Most other X-Men are dead.

Movie ends with the X-Men stopping the Sentinel project in the future. Leave off similar to X-3, with mutants and humans working toward a peaceful world. Magneto sees the error of his ways and tries to set aside his differences with humanity as we progress to the present day. Do it all over two films and not one.

Next up, Age of Apocalypse trilogy.

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