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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

I will agree to one point - the movie is very slow, very methodical, and to the user who said Superman didn't fight anyone, you are absolutely right. And maybe it would have been better to use an actual supervillain he could have fought.

But that doesn't change the fact that I still think Superman Returns is extremely well made. Yes there are complaints, but I believe that objectively speaking, the film doesn't have a lot of flaws. I try to grade a movie the way a teacher might grade an essay - you don't look at the content so much as the structure. If you complain about the content too much, it becomes very subjective, which I try to stay away from.

And I actually disagree with the idea that the film relies too heavily on the audience being familiar with Superman 2. All you really need to know is:

1. Superman went to Krypton some amount of years ago.
2. He and Lois were together. Whether "together" means they slept together or what is sort of open to interpretation at the beginning of the movie. But the only thing the viewer needs to know is that they have a history.

I don't really see anything else in the Donner films which the viewer needs to know. And to be honest, asking the viewer to know those above 2 things isn't really asking that much.

Now I also want to identify two items people commonly complain about when talking about this movie:

1. Luthor was just hatching another cheesy real estate plot
2. Jason was pointless, and a stupid character

I actually really liked both of these items in the film, and I will explain why:

To begin, the focus of the entire movie is that Superman is alone. And I am glad that is the focus, because very often in a superhero film the focus is not on the hero, it often strays because it's difficult to focus on the hero. This movie the focus is really on Superman the whole time, and how he so incredibly alone. Krypton is gone. And now apparently Earth (though it's really just Lois) doesn't need him anymore. He is more alone than he has ever been.

Now, having said that, on to those two complaints:

1. Luthor was just hatching another cheesy real estate plot

I think it sort of flew over people's heads that the reason Luthor hates Superman is really out of jealousy. That's why he wants to make the island. Kevin Spacey makes that wonderful speech citing Prometheus, about how he steals from the gods and gives their power down to the people. That's what he wants to do by making the island. And his plan wasn't even just the island - he says the crystals have the power to make weapons and other advanced technology. That's what drives him - he wants to take what makes Superman so special and give it to the people of Earth. And of course, it wouldn't be this Donner version of Lex if he didn't try to profit from it

2. Jason was pointless, and a stupid character

The whole reason Jason is in the film is for Superman to find out in the end that he isn't alone. That's the point. Superman is struggling with being the last of his kind, and Jason is that happy ending he has been looking for. The speech Brandon Routh gives at the end, to a sleeping Jason, is phenomenal. I loved loved loved Brandon Routh in this movie.

And another thing I think people fail to realize - Superman throwing the island into space is supposed to represent him throwing away Krypton. His birth planet hurts him now. Earth is his true home. That's what the island really represented.

I know this is long and detailed - and I realize that people might not like the film for these very reasons, that much of it is metaphor, and that it is very slow paced, but it is still why I love this movie so much. It is very detailed, very layered, from start to finish, shot beautifully, highly original, well acted, well written, great score, there is so much in this movie that I love. I'm really very sad that we will never get a Singer directed sequel, which I am confidant he would have knocked out of the park. Oh well, at least we got one Superman movie from him.

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