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Default Re: Tom Welling - Clark Kent/Superman : The Man Behind The Cape

That is pretty sweet deal for tom to make the list. As to your question pepsi I don't think I heard of him doing much aas of late besides earlier in summer did charity/celeb golf thing. As for worrk just cause we don't hear anything doesn't mean tom may not be doing anything. If he still doing things for the production company he formed he could be developing new shows. I would also love to see him some day do a guest spot in any shows, and maybe direct for some shows like spn. Plus also since the show wrapped last year it was said he wanted time off to relax/and spend time with family. Look at other actors/etc... that take time off for a bit between work and then come back. Just look at how much time and effort he put into sv for ten yrs. But again I would like to see him dab into more acting/directing.

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