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Default Re: Christopher Eccleston is playing Malekith

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
True, though the film could handle it differently, after all, the MCU is where Thor was able to defeat the destroyer, a villain that I've been told has been much more difficult for Thor to defeat in the a matter of minutes in the film.

Plus, even if they keep Kurse's strength the same way that it is in the comics, so far, Thor is the only Avenger imho that hasn't been taken to his limit yet imho. I'm still in the group of people who thinks that Thor didn't give all that he could have against his solo fights/battles with Loki because he was holding back in hopes of convincing his brother to change his mind. And when Thor did decide to unleash hell, Loki would be either subdued like in their first battle, or find a way to weasel out before things got interesting.

Plus, he was the only Avenger during the big city battle that wasn't shown being put in a situation where he came off as exhausted or looked as though that he was going to handle his ass defeated to him. By all accounts, Thor has been presented as one of the most powerful beings in the known
He was injured when Loki stabbed him with those Asgardian weapons. Also, when he landed with the other Avengers in the street he stumbled against the car as if he were in pain.

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