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Default Re: Actors from original trilogy on First Class sequel with Days of Future Past

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
Cramming loads of characters into this production could create a hot mess. We know from the experience of X3, XMO: Wolverine (and even First Class) that there are characters who could/should have been cut.

I enjoy seeing cameos and acknowledgements of the comics' extensive mythos, but the wider fanbase seems to get frustrated by it.

So they have to tread carefully here. Especially if this is just one two-hour movie, not a two-parter.

If they are going to add in well-known characters, those characters need at least one good 'moment' and ideally some decent screentime and development. A background glimpse will just cause frustration.
For the most part FC did an incredible job at balancing quite a few characters. Some of the X Men got underdeveloped but it was still better balanced then the other films imo. Everythings how its written, XMOW's plot was litteraly Wolverine meeting a new mutant then moving to the next. Im not really saying new characters in DOFP will be main characters but since the story line deals with the incarceration of Mutants, I doubt the world would go to such an extant with only 10 known mutants around. I expect to see quite a few in camps, or being killed in combat. That kinda needs to happen to serve the story. Since we already have a majority of X1,2 and 3 characters set up their introductions will not come as shock. Mutant camps are a huge part of the plot so I think we will get at least 2 new characters focused on a bit, while others are there to show the brutality and scope of what has happened.

To say there will only be one new character I find a bit hard to believe. Maybe one main new character, but because of the scope of the story and SInger saying they are going to expand the X Men universe, Im guessing we will see a few new faces and probably quite a few mutants as background or minor roles. I dont think this will be a one shot stand alone by how Singer was describing it.

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