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Default Re: Actors from original trilogy on First Class sequel with Days of Future Past

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
since Ellen signed for various sequels, I dont see the problem for Fox to get her back.

The same with any actor from original trilogy.

I dont understand why many sites dont see Ellen returning. Contracts are contracts. Thats how the industry works.
Some are wondering If her sequel contact Is still valid after 6 years.Shawn Ashmore says his 3 film deal he signed when they keep him for X2 Is still valid for another film.Plus there had been reports Ellen didn't have good exceperence filming the Last Stand and kinda regretted agreeing to do film. The regret thing could just be gossip.I agree there IS chance she may have to choice to return If Fox wants her back and Vaughn and Singer have plans for Kitty.Both haven't worked with her before so that could make a difference.Apart from Kelsey Grammer she was the new addattion to Last Stand that I liked.Since when I first started reading X-Men comics were when It was shadowcat with WOlverine,Rogue,Nightcrawler,Colossus,Phoenix II,and powerless Storm I liked having more for Kitty and Ellen did decent job of bringing Shadowcat to screen(although she never actully had the codename)

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