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Default Re: Official Man of Steel Trailer(s) Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by Nevaratoiel View Post
I have one thing to say about this first trailer. I think it sucks. Why? Well, I think it's not appealing to me, and it does not make me curious enough to be excited for this film.
Again... Most people who think it sucks are the ones who knew it was coming... Those of use who are going to see it anyway (even if they think this teaser sucks). This teaser was for people who had no idea whats so ever and from those people I hear them buzzing. People asking me (Really, Me?) if I've seen the new superman trailer. We've been through all this. Maybe it might help if you look at some of the other teasers. Ones that only had narration over a symbol or a letter.

Oh and of course, you know very well that the Snyder trailer is on the way. If you're any kind of Superman fan you'll be drooling over it. I mean come on, every one of us needs a Superman movie like this. We've seen campy, crapy, and creepy. It's time for captivating!

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