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Default Re: Dew gotham city badges

I submited this using the Contact Us form today (we'll see if I get a reply)...

BAT SWARM Badge Question

Dear Go Inside Gotham City Support,

I've communicated with many other particpants of the Mountain Dew Go Inside Gotham City Promotion about how they unlocked variuos badges on the site. It seems that unlocking the BAT SWARM Badge should be as easy as exploring the Bat Cave and all it's content. I believe I have done this numerous times but still have yet to unlock this badge.

Also, no one (not even the 51 participants on the Leaderboard) have been able to unlock the DEWMASTER or RULE THE STREETS Badges. Is there something we are all missing or are these badges somehow time/date sensitive?

I, and others, are enjoying this promotion (and have stocked up on Dew in the process) but being unable to unlock these final Badges is frustrating. Please look into this and let me know if there is any issue with the site.

Thank you,

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