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Default Re: Poll:Days of future Past Speculation

I think It would be good Idea for Kitty as Time Traveler so If you bring back Ellen Page you give her something to do.The only reason I can see not having wolverine as solely In future Is if he's a time traveler Inless you bring In first Class era wolverine during second half of film.And this would be preadamuntam Wolverine.

I voted for Xavier,Magneto,Wolverine,storm,and Iceman solely In future.

I'd keep the brotherhood seen at end of first Class Intact.

I would have Mystique undercover as Mistress of the intended target of assassination.I feel Jennifer Lawrence will be allowed for portion of film to appear outside of Mystique makeup.Now If Vaughn were to go with his earlyier mentioned Idea of JFk as assassination target It's well known he had many mistresses.It's a good way to blend fact and fiction.It would be Intresting twist If X-Men stop brotherhood assassination of JFk and end of film Magneto causes It anyway closier to historical version.

I like the Idea of prologue and then rest of film set In first Class era.However one way I could see them do It to mix It up Is have prologue at beging showing final battle against sentinles while the plan to send Kitty back In time happens.There could be flashback remembering time In Internment camp before reaching the mansion In past and and flashback when Xavier reads her mind showing how wolverine rescued them from Intenrment camp and Magneto once being free of collor sacrificed himself fighting the sentinels allowing the others to escape.

If Bishop Is In film It might only be In future like Wolverine and the X-Men.His powers would work better onscreen against sentinles than In 1960's setting.Just Imagne seeing him and Wolverine burst characters out of Internment camp.It would provide some material for trailers.

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