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Default Re: Who was your FAVORITE Couple within the Series?

Originally Posted by Zatanna View Post
Maybe to you, but if it was, I don't think there would be so much debate about it.

No need for this kind of comment, is there? I don't understand the big deal about the differing opinions. You can believe what you want, but so can others. It's real NOT a big deal if somebody ended up interpreting Bruce and Selina a different way. And it kind of irritates me to see posts like this. I wouldn't reply otherwise, but I don't appreciate posts that make it seem like "it's my opinion or the high way".

I've been to 3 viewings btw, and I've come out of the theater Mall 3 times with the same opinion.

I won't even bring the novel into this, because it's obviously different from the film in more ways than one.
Much debate? LOL. Look at the stats. And if some people can't appreciate the subtleties of what Nolan was trying to convey with the ending, then there's not much we can do about it, can we.

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