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Default Re: Rank the Bat-Films.....

For me its like this...

1)A tie between Batman Begins and Batman '89
2)The Dark Knight
3)Batman Returns
4)Batman Forever
5)Batman & Robin
6)The Dark Knight Rises

^Yes, you read that right. I put TDKR last behind B&R. Let me explain(briefly) why: yes B&R is an awful campy film and if I was ranking them based on objective quality rather than my own personal preference, B&R would have to be last. The reason I detest TDKR slightly more is because at least B&R is sort of entertaining as an unintentional comedy. Its SO bad that I can kinda let go and enjoy it. TDKR, on the other hand, just pisses me off because of the frustration that there SHOULD be a really great movie in here somewhere but it just never 'rises' to the occasion for me on that front. Batman Forever almost suffers from that same fate of being frustrating due to having good elements that just aren't put together right into a good film EXCEPT that Batman/Bruce's characterization is really great in that film and he has a nice character arc. If not for that, BF would probably be tied with TDKR in last place.

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