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Default Re: Who was your FAVORITE Couple within the Series?

Originally Posted by Superman Lives View Post
Who cares about the novel?

And I've seen the movie multiple times. There's a difference between something being 'meant' to do something, and the actual execution of it.

Nolan left it vague. He hinted at a possible romance, but we barely ever saw it. It could have just as easily been a friendship.

The buildup to the 'romance' was weak too. It wasn't believable that they would have a future together. They barely hit it off romantically in this film.

Bruce and Selina as a 'couple' was really something that *could* have happened offscreen towards the end, but it was really never portrayed onscreen. It almost shouldn't qualify in this poll for that reason.
It wasn't that vague to most of us. They kissed passionately. She asked him to run away with her, and he did, eventually. He gave her his mother's pearls (which is huge symbolism), and they are filling Alfred's fantasy of seeing Bruce with a wife. There's too much symbolism there to think that Bruce and Selina are just buddied after all that. Perhaps to you, the execution was lame, and that's fine if you think so, but I think Nolan's intent was clear.

The novel is a great way to get a deeper look at many of the scenes and the characters. Emma Thomas even assisted Greg Cox during the writing of it.

It was very believable to most of us that they would end up together and start their new lives together, and to assume that after the kiss and after asking him to run away with her, Selina would just friendzone Bruce... that requires you to ignore a lot of logic, a lot of symbolism, a lot of foreshadowing, and a lot of exposition. Bruce would not give his mother's pearls(the only thing he has left of her) to someone who is just his buddy. And if the Nolan bros wanted us to think they are just friends, Selina wouldn't have the pearls, and she wouldn't have kissed him when a bomb is about to go off and time is precious. The pearls on her was a great way to show that Bruce is moving on from Rachel. Jonah even wrote that scene before that where those people can't find the pearls to show what a big deal they are.

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