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Default Re: Who was your FAVORITE Couple within the Series?

Originally Posted by Zatanna View Post
I wasn't even really just talking about this site. But I've seen it debated elsewhere as well.

As for the rest of your comment, wow.
I understand that you don't want them to be together, but Nolan made it as obvious as he is ever going to do with a romance. Bruce and Selina can never be platonic pals, that completely goes against their characters. They've always been kindred spirits in the comics. And as I said to superman lives- It wasn't that vague to most of us. They kissed passionately. She asked him to run away with her, and he did, eventually. He gave her his mother's pearls (which is huge symbolism), and they are filling Alfred's fantasy of seeing Bruce with a wife. There's too much symbolism there to think that Bruce and Selina are just buddies after all that. Perhaps to you, the execution was lame, and that's fine if you think so, but I think Nolan's intent was clear.

The novel is a great way to get a deeper look at many of the scenes and the characters. Emma Thomas even assisted Greg Cox during the writing of it.

If you found their romance to lame and mild and not well written, that's fine. That's your opinion. But the end is the end. It was already clear even if Selina wasn't wearing the pearls, but the fact that the Nolan bros made her wear the pearls in the end just seals the deal. To come to the conclusion that after the kiss and asking him to run away with her, Selina just friendzones bruce... that requires you to ignore lots of logic, symbolism, foreshadowing, and exposition.

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