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Default Re: Predictions for the next Batman movie

Okay, so these are my predictions of what I think is actually likely to happen(not neccesarily what I want)...

-There will definitely be a new Batsuit. After 7 films of rubber suits and two franchises, it is just absolutely inconceivable to me that the next director would choose to rehash the rubber suit again.
-There will be no origin, or at the least, no origin story. It might be referenced with a flashback or something but its not gonna be part of the actual story of the film.
-I would guess they are going to pull back from Nolan's 'realistic' and mature take at least to some extent. I don't know HOW much they will lighten up the tone or HOW fantastical they'll make it but I'm almost certain it will go in that direction to at least some extent.
-Batman will exist in a universe where other heroes exist.
-The Bat family will be present in some form at least.
-They will avoid using The Joker again at least for the first couple of films.
-It is VERY likely that the villain in the first film is going to be The Riddler. WB wanted him badly for the third Nolan flick but didn't get him. Hes a big name baddy who WASN'T done in the most recent franchise and I think they'll be wanting to pull out the big guns for the first installment rather than going the Nolan route of using lesser known baddies for the introductory film.
-There will be a real Batmobile with the Bat motif and a pimped out Batcave. You can bet on it.

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