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Default Re: Relative power/threat level of Avengers

Originally Posted by pr0xyt0xin View Post
wow YOU are dedicated. Okay. I'm gonna comment. I think the second one shows that he is heroic, but was more a self-sacrificing move than an Extreme threat move. For example, I could jump in front of a bus to save a dog but I ain't gonna be telling the story any time soon. Next, I feel like Iron Man could have held his own in that battle against the Kree. Although maybe not quite as confidently.

That being said, I secede. Thor, in this animated series, is an Extreme threat with even a little more versatility than the Hulk. That Manhattan trick was intense.
The 2nd one wasn't self sacrificing since he was only KO'd, plus that blast was powerful enough to destroy a city as big as NY (extreme indeed).

No Iron Man couldn't take on the Kree army, he couldn't even break the Supreme Intelligent's glass which Thor did with ease.

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