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Default Re: Poll:Days of future Past Speculation

I seriously doudt Cyclops Is going to Time Traveler.More likely If not wolverine or Rogue/Kitty they would go with Storm.

I could defently see them splitting the future scenes In 3 parts.

To have Polaris as new X-Man they probally would have to have her already at school when we see first Class era X-Man.

The target of assassination needs to be aware of mutants since mutants at end of first Class are only known to selcted members of the US and Soviet governments.They could come up with new Senator Character heading up subcommittie who Is aware of mutants and Is helping provid money for things that can be used against It.

The Love square Idea Is one I have thought of.

In 1960's setting to allow Jennifer Lawrence to be seen outside of Mystique she would have to go undercover as assistant or mistress to target or someone who works In CIA or Pentagon.If they go with Fictonal target of assassination they have more room to work with to Involve Mystique undercover with him.

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