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Default Re: Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate VII (Team Frenchie Edition) - Part 7

A bunch of random stuff:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Originally Posted by Kate's Talia Tumblr
I see a lot of people complaining about Talia’s death — specifically, the way Marion delivers her last line, her eyes flutter, and then she just abruptly dies. I will admit that, while I loved every part of the death scene, that part was pretty weak. But to everyone complaining — you guys know that was Nolan’s choice, right? He picked that take to go in the final version; he may have even been the one to tell her to die like that to begin with.

Directors pick the weirdest takes sometimes (I’m looking at you, Peter Jackson). Leaked set footage shows that there were plenty of different takes in various scenes that, ultimately, weren’t the takes chosen for the final film. You can’t really blame the actors for that, as they have no say in that matter.

I think the actual moment of Talia’s death could have been much stronger, but I place the blame for it on Nolan, not Marion. Whitewashing aside, I thought she was a brilliant Talia, and any perceived weaknesses in her acting seem (obviously, in my opinion) due to the way Nolan downplayed her character so much to keep her off the audience’s radar so no one would figure out that Miranda was Talia.

All that being said, while I strongly disagree with people blaming Marion for that part of her performance, this is hilarious: peopledyinglikemarioncotillard (though it should really be called “People Dying Like Nolan Told Marion Cotillard to Die”).

Originally Posted by TDKR Shooting Script
Laughter. Gordon turns. Talia, lying half out the truck.

Fox showed me how to operate the
reactor core. Including the
emergency flood -

Fox pulls himself above the rising whitewater -

Gordon looks down at Talia. Batman is at his side.

There is no way to stop this bomb.
Prepare yourselves... (Looks up at
Batman.) My father’s work is done.

Talia smiles as her eyes flutter closed. Gordon turns -
Batman is at the core, plunging his hands into the heat to
attach a hoist from the Bat.
In terms of "whitewashing," I was pleased that a part-Chinese actress portrayed her mother at least, so part of her heritage was acknowledged at least in that way.

Personally, I love her gloating even if I'm one of the few who understand it.

Originally Posted by Batman: The Animated Series
Batman: This is not over!

Talia climbs a ladder to a waiting plane after pointing a gun at Batman.

Talia: Vertigo has been dealt with, father.

Ra's al Ghul: Small wonder you seem so pleased.

Ra's al Ghul: Then your mission...

Talia: ...a complete success!
Originally Posted by Batman: The Lazarus Affair comic series / Catwoman comic

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