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Default Re: Who was your FAVORITE Couple within the Series?

As for the best relationships in the film (i.e. not necessarily of a romantic variety), I'd rank them:

1. Bruce and Alfred: A true surrogate father/son relationship that only deepens with each film.

2. Batman and Jim Gordon: They develop a true friendship and with intertwined fates since the day Bruce's parents were killed.

3. Batman and the Joker: "You complete me..."

4. Bat/Cat: See above posts.

5. Bruce and Lucius Fox: A very playful camaraderie developed over three movies.

6. Batman and Harvey Dent: A short but powerful alliance that meant a lot to both and when it falls apart, it is ruinous for both men.

7. Bruce and Ra's: The corrupt surrogate father figure is throughout literature and even comic films (see SM1 and IM1), but it is done very well here.

8. The Joker and his knives.

Actually, eight should probably be higher.

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