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Default Re: Actors from original trilogy on First Class sequel with Days of Future Past

one question that comes to my mind is:

when does this future takes place? and how old are the future x-men?

10 years later than in X3? less? around the same age?

I think none has commented it, but what would be really interesting is to really see older versions of the characters from X1-X3, like happens on the source material.

Future Kitty was really older than present Kitty, right? So that means a clearly look difference, with the pass of time

X3 was shooted in 2005, and the sequel will be shoot on 2013, so that means a 8 years difference in the actors look. Its a decent jump, but not so much at all.

Sometime ago I thought how interesting would be to see older versions of Kitty, Rogue and others characters played by the same actors, Ellen, Anna and the rest

they could bring a totally new side to their characters, more mature, smart... and more badass too.

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