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Default Re: Who was your FAVORITE Couple within the Series?

Originally Posted by kthevs View Post
Except that goes againt the comics and the theme of this series. The legend ends. As Nolan has said, Bruce's arc is over. He isn't becoming Batman again, and Selina isn't becoming catwoman again. Those two were always kindred spirits in the comics, and it makes sense that now that they are starting fresh, they ended up together. And no, I am not some teenybopper fangirl. I'm a 25 year old male. It would defy all logic to think that Bruce is suddenly going to become Batman again despite everything Nolan has told us. In Nolan's world, this is it for Bruce. He gets his happy ending. The end. As for Selina, a huge subplot was her wanting the clean slate. After getting, it she's not going to go back to her old ways. The book also makes this obvious. She is said to want to completely reinvent herself. And the fact that Nolan has Bruce give her his mother's pearls is also quite significant and symbolizes a massive thing between them.
Nolan's 'Legend' is over. The story itself clearly continues -- Blake takes the mantle for the moment. Whether you want to think Wayne's Batman comes back when Blake gets himself in over-his-head is up to you. Maybe to train him (Beyond). Maybe to form Batman, Inc. Maybe to take back the cowl, pick up the slack, and kick Blake's ass to Bludhaven.

Selina Kyle wants a fresh start. She got one. She has a clean slate ... no criminal record. If she wants the thrill-seeking without the record in the future, she could always adopt an alter ego and wear a disguise (that actually hides her face). Wonder where she'd get an idea like that.


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