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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?


Only bones are similar to STM, but the meat/story, sorry is very different. It's the brilliance of SR to us who love it and admire it. You don't like it, we get it. Maybe MOS will be the movie for you.. time will tell. Now, we got the message, you don't care for SR, and that's ok. Maybe the MOS forum is for you.

thats a good interpretation, but either way that was an absolutely ridiculous scene.

He's exposed to a little bit of kryptonite and it weakens him to the extent human thugs beat him up. Then hes stabbed with krptonite and nearly dies.

Suddenly he's somehow able to lift a huge continent laced with kryptonite and throw it into space? Gimme a break, that was taking it too far.
It's not more ridiculous than turning back time. Besides, the island wasn't pure Kryptonite, and it was also surrounded by seabed, which shielded Superman from the effects of the kryptonite and gave him enough strength to do the job. Also, he had a solar recharge. I bought it, plus it nearly killed him if it wasn't for Lois and Jason. It works for me.

I rather watch Sci-Fi

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