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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by MOS2013 View Post
thats a good interpretation, but either way that was an absolutely ridiculous scene.

He's exposed to a little bit of kryptonite and it weakens him to the extent human thugs beat him up. Then hes stabbed with krptonite and nearly dies.

Suddenly he's somehow able to lift a huge continent laced with kryptonite and throw it into space? Gimme a break, that was taking it too far.
Not only that, he did it with kryptonite still inside of his body.

One major "sin" of movie-making is creating your own rules, then breaking them on a whim. This is exactly what Singer did here.

I'm honestly struggling to know if you're joking with this bit.
Unfortunately, I don't think so...

For starters its too dark, dark to the point I struggle to see Superman in some of the flying scenes, it's also got lots of seemingly unnecessary and poorly executed CGI. (Superman propelling the space shuttle out of the earths atmosphere? it was like looking at a video game).
Not as bad as the poorly-rendered CGI puppet at the end. It's mind-boggling how BAD of a decision it was to leave that in.


Highly original? this was the most striking part, this movie is ANYTHING but original. Its one giant love letter to the original STM, with the same structure and lots of dialogue taken from the original too.
Original is a word very rarely used for this film outside of the small group of fans it has.

Well acted? Routh did a fine job, Spacey did a reasonable job, Marsden did a great job, but Bosworth was a terrible terrible choice, she was poor and shes a big part of the film too. I thought Langella was very underwhelming too and not quite the way I view Perry White.
Disagree on Routh doing a fine job, but his post-SR career and box office takings say more than I ever could.

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