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Default The ultimate goal of Man Of Steel and what it means to be Superman.

If Man Of Steel does it's job right, it should turn the phrase "The weak exist to justify the strong" on it's ass. In this dog eat dog world, compassion tends to get thrown out the window sometimes. Sad but true. Humans are no different than any other animals in that regard. The strong prey on the weak and the intelligent exploit the stupidity of the unintelligent.

Everyone reading this has at least encountered one rotten person in their lifetime. Someone who's selfish, greedy, and narcissistic. I want you all to envision that person right now. Have you done that? Good. Now pretend he has Superman's powers.

- How long do you think it would take for that power to corrupt him completely?
- How long before he starts holding that power over the heads of others?
- You think he might become a little dangerous after awhile?
- Would you trust him with that kind of power?
- Would you trust yourself with that kind of power?

Here's the thing. We're ALL greedy. We're ALL selfish. In a way, we're ALL narcissistic. It is what makes us all human. That's Zod. He's what would happen if that type of power fell into the wrong hands. And that's the thing. Each and every one of us would have the potential to become Zod should we be granted with such power. As the saying goes, "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

That's the ultimate conflict that lies within Superman. That's why he's the world's greatest hero. He was raised human. He's like us. And yet when granted with the ultimate power in the universe, he chooses to rise above his humanity and use it not for his own personal gain... but to serve.

Who here would do the same? Probably no one. That's what makes him Superman. That's what this film needs to capture.

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