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Default Re: Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate VII (Team Frenchie Edition) - Part 7

Originally Posted by kvz5 View Post
The more I think about it, the more I realize that she's easily Nolan's worst written villain. She had zero redeeming qualities.

We don't know if Ra's was genuine in his fondness for Bruce or if that was all a form of manipulation on his part but we definitely felt something when he and Bruce were at odds in the end. Bane might've blown people to pieces but his past with Talia humanize him. Two-Face was obviously sympathetic. The Joker and Scarecrow were just fun in general. Talia was none of that. She wasn't even remotely interesting when she was Tate.
It's funny you say that, essentially what I took away from Begins was that Ra's was being genuine and that he and Bruce were cut from the same cloth, both brought to the LoS by personal tragedy and injustice. You can make the argument about the whole 'theatricality and deception' thing which is fine in my book, it was open to interpretation, until Rises solidified the question, which to me is the biggest shame of the movie. Essentially for people like me Begins is no longer open to interpretation, it's black and white thanks to TDKR, and that is one of my biggest gripes with Rises is that how I've viewed Begins for the last 7 years is now wrong. Up until 2 weeks ago in my mind Ra's didn't have a family, the LoS was dead, there was a genuine brothers in arms feeling between the two, now all that is gone and I'll never be able to watch Begins the same way again.

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